Jumping In Feet First

I never fully appreciated the meaning behind “jumping in feet first” until this past week. As defined by usingenglish.com, when you jump in feet first “you approach a task or activity with little to no hesitation…You give it your best, knowing there is no going back.” Change is a necessary thing, but it can also be pretty scary. I recently made a very big change in my life, and it was downright terrifying. I can barely believe I am writing this, but I decided Continue reading

Catching Up

I needed to take a break for a little bit which seems silly, I know, given that my blog is still in its infancy. In October I lost my dog. He was my best friend and such a source of support as I went through some very difficult times in my life. He was elderly and getting sick, and it was time to do what was best for him even though it was hard for me. I still break down in tears on a regular basis driving home from work because I miss him so much.

red white and bo

Bo, the best friend a girl could ask for…

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